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  • baltech The use of thermal imagers in production

    Hirdetés szövege
    Control teploregion disconnectors, motors, power transformers and other electrical devices is important in their operation. The use of thermal imagers makes it possible to significantly reduce the time to control units and make them safe and reliable.

    Consider only 3 types of diagnostics, and you will understand why the rapidly growing popularity of thermal imaging devices.
    Melting furnace
    Thermographic inspection of lining of steelmaking furnaces is of great importance. Inside they are lined with refractory ceramic materials which corroded with molten metal during operation. Wear of these materials is a danger to the personnel of the furnace.
    So after the deadlines facing ovens vary. However, the full fascia replacement is an expensive procedure and requires stopping production for almost a month!
    The use of thermal imaging cameras can detect cracks and local overheating of the steel shell at a specific site. Thermogram gives you the opportunity to use the setting as much as possible, while its replacement will not be necessary.
    The device of the traction power supply W/D.
    For the diagnosis of traction power supply devices of Railways require thermal imager with:
    • Temperature sensitivity below 5 °C;
    • Temperature measurement range -20 to +150 °C;
    • Field of view - 20X10°;
    • Instantaneous angle of 10 mrad;
    • Time frame in 1/12.5 sec.
    Thermal imagers with a sensitivity not less than 0.1 °C are used for determining the insulating state of the high-voltage terminal at traction substations energy plots.
    Test tires
    The tires heat flow processes of importance in their operation. In factories, performing on the test benches of the tire manufacturers reveal the influence on the temperature distribution on the structure of the tyre:
    • The speed of its rotation;
    • Changes the speed;
    • The air pressure in the chamber;
    • The load on the wheel.
    You should know the impact of each factor and all factors together. Normal thermogram is not suitable, so use a special infrared camera, equipped with "thermostream". It allows you to see stationary teplosberezhenie rotating object. Using this equipment you can watching teplosberezhenie rotating tires, to capture residual heat.
    Other applications of thermal imagers

    10 000 Ft

    Használt | 2017.09.22. | Balatonlelle |

    baltech The use of thermal imagers in production
  • 120 million can be yours, just me

    Hirdetés szövege

    If you have a good apprentice friend, then your friend is yours.

    There is a Hungarian / self / invention unique to the world before implementation.

    Area: Home Accident Prevention.
    Age range: 0-4 years.

    An EU non-refundable source can be requested for the prototype, but for micro, small or medium-sized businesses only. See the link below.

    I can not use it as a private person. That's why I decided to sell my elaborate project.

    From the maximum amount of HUF 130 million tender money you can apply for, I will be 10 million Ft / purchase price / the rest can be yours. 212125-P% C3% A9nzszerz A9s% C3% 20% & utm_medium = 12055, e = 2 & utm_content% 20h% C3% 20%% A9t 20P% C3% A9nzszer A9s% C3% 20% 20% 20%

    The project can be implemented in two ways.

    1.Application that users can download to their mobile devices.

    Application development is 4-6 months.

    Amount: HUF 2 million

    2. Self-powered mobile device with up to 7 transmitters.

    The prototype is developed for 6-9 months.

    Amount: HUF 8 million

    After making the prototype, two options are available.

    1. Your hand will remain in the hands of the device and will be the exclusive manufacturer and distributor. If you want to profit from the project over the long term, / for generations /. In this case, two investment groups will support the project if you need more than 100 million HUF. / I have previously consulted them /.

    2. It is worth noting that the device is licensed to an open manufacturer around 1.5 to 2 million euros.

    I look forward to your honorable offer.

    120 Ft

    Használt | 2017.10.05. | Magyarország |

    120 million can be yours, just me
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